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The ipod is still functional but the the screen no longer lights up, there is difficulty with the internet (youtube doesn’t work, app store doesn’t work), volume knob is jammed. 6th gen. dropped and lcd flickers and is only full brightness when pushed down near bottom of screen. check to see if it is just loose. This phone belongs to my son it fell and since then it did not work I have taken to different companies in STexas and they say its the battery….then etc …reality they dont know how to fix it….I trust your service you just fixed my IPhone … Device is completely dissassembled in a bag see what is needed to get this device working again.. Device may need a new lcd and new camera and vibrate motor is not working. Friend replaced screen and then these other issues came up. bezel is pulling away from backplate so quote new and/or used one as well for this customer… Device is working will freeze here and there and it will not connect to itunes. Please check the battery as this may be the issue. iphone is booting to the apple screen or the restore screen and shuts off once it is disconnected from the power cable. After it was drunked in a toilet, I threw whole phone in the freezer overnight and then kept under blowdryer for a while and the device did work for two – three months and now died again. Oil was spilled on device everything seems to be working fine. This device was dunked (and sat) in water upside about half-submerged in water overnight. Device only works when plugged into power…Dropped in water left in rice seems to boot when connected to power only… I replaced the backplate with a brand new one customer reported that this phone mic not working even with bluetooth… My iphone 4 has water damage , so I want to try a new battery to see if that works. Replace broken LCD…I do not want battery… I bought this iPhone used and it looks like device got wet and may have been opened… Slipped into glass of water now home button is freaky. Power button is not working stuck on a loading screen. Volume control/volume rocker replacement needed; the device is locking on its own and the volume up button needs to continually be pressed in order to go up. My iPod thrown against a wall in a fit of rage. The LCD is now separated from the backplate back housing. Please reassemble and replace the back! My iPhone has a sticky home button.

Device was found in a field near a mud puddle left to dry out for many months see if repairable!… My iPhone drops service; my power button and volume switch don’t work; The glass is broken. sim card tray is stuck! My daughter’s phone fell to the floor and the glass got cracked. She says the touch screen still works but the outer glass is very cracked. Device was repaired – black to white conversion from another local repair company…now front cam is not working and now device does not seem to be working at all, vibration assembly went nuts, device would not even restore, either. It is OK to restore device is needed…customer tried a couple of batteries by himself, too. No backlight on LCD ; intermittently, when listening to music, there is static. iPod was connected to a third-party charger got warm and now does not boot – he could smell burn; Digi is cracked but customer is fine with that… device was left in car ovenright next day would not turn on… Replace charging port on the iPhone that was exposed to liquid briefly… Dust under screen after I replaced it myself. Please clean!

I tried replacing lcd on my own but did not go well . please install new lcd and also the backplate. Device did not get wet (that mom is aware of) and now this ebay-purchased device does not turn on LCD blinks on and off… We believe this Ipod issue is the battery only. Thanks for your help. This is a iPod Classic 5th generation works fine but battery only holds charge for 2 hours. I am requesting having a new battery installed. My Ipod will not turn on. I bought a battery from you but could not change it myself. My ipod nano is in very good shape no exposure to moisture. Only the battery needs to be replaced. Battery Replacement Only. Back of ipod identified with the engraving of the owner’s name. This iPod nano 4th was never used it was set up and uploaded with music and put in a drawer and forgot about it for almost 3 years now it does not take the charge it works fine while connected to a computer or car charger but without that it does not turn on. Input jack is loose and need repair. I had an issue with this last year so it has already been fixed once. LCD screen developed 3 or 4 very thin horizontal lines and dashes. Unit was never dropped so I don’t know the cause. Other than this iPod works fine.

Broken touch screen. Needs sound jack replacement. This is my wife’s IPhone. She can only answer the phone with the speaker phone turned on. The phone thinks the headphones are still plugged in. We have tried to unplugging the headphones in and out but it has never returned to normal functionality. We have an almost 2 year old son that has stuffed the phone in his mouth so this may have contributed to the problem. Other than the problems with the headphone jack the phone functions normally. We would like the battery replaced while you are fixing the phone. Both Ipods died approx 1 week ago. Were running fine until then. Both were purchased at the same time (approx 3 years ago). Pods wont power up, etc. We are sending in an Ipod 8gb – the unit was sent thru a wash cycle. afterward it was put into a bag of rice for 7 days. the unit did come on but not steady and then quit. iPod crashes shortly after booting. No trauma or extreme exposure. Phone was dropped from the fourth stair on a staircase to the bottom floor. The phone does not properly boot up or ever get to the main lockscreen. Wheel quit working–could not turn off–got wet during workouts. Model 8GB Ipod Touch 2nd Gen. Device is not recognized by windows. USB driver error code 10. Will not power up. Battery condition unknown. No water damage. I dropped it and it has displayed the sad face ever since.

The ipod dropped and the screen shattered. ipod nano 5th gen …. glass screen is broken … please replace glass only…. lcd is ok. 3rd generation iPod. A water bottle leaked into my bag where my iPod was, and the iPod got wet. It did not turn on. I tried to recharge the battery. Unfortunately, did not know it was contraindicated. tried to dry it at a low setting. Nothing worked. Please try to revive. Ipod Touch went through the Washing machine. Have put it in dry rice, but unit still will not turn on. Dropped the 4th generation iPod nano into water. It immediately turned off. I vacuum sealed the nano with white rice and waited for two days. Then I tried turning it on, but nothing happened. Then I connected it to the computer and could barely see the apple logo on the dark, very dim screen. But, I then I could hear music playing, but couldn’t adjust volume. iPhone 3GS went through a full wash cycle, inside of jeans pockets the whole time. It was turned on before the wash, but was not functioning afterwards.I put it in a bag of rice for just over a week. After this I was able to successfully plug in, turn on, sync with laptop but the battery does not hold any charge. I still saw some moisture behind the screen, so I did not play with it for long, just enough to sync photos and videos onto laptop. It is now back in the rice bag. I will be sending it without the SIM card (as I am using that in my backup phone), hope that is OK. Dropped ipod in water. Tried to put it in rice. The ipod works, but the screen is extremely dim. The brightness will come back every once in a while, but most of the time the screen is extremely dim. My wife dropped iPhone4 into toilet( clean, unsoiled water) and was immediately retrieved. Screen flickered. Freaked out and she tried to turn it one only to have it flicker again and the shut off completely. I then placed in a bag of rice for 4 days and then took to apple store to let them turn it on. they opened it and said water did not get as deep as one might think. They plugged into MacBook and it turned on. all seemed normal but after 3 minutes it rebooted. Since then 99% of the time it reboots every 3 minutes. 1% of the time it will remain on until the battery runs out. When it remains on, the battery lie indicator does not change and it will not receive a charge. If I plug the phone in while turned on and then power down, it will receive a charge. Tried restore and upgraded to iSO 4.3 and does not reboot during restore. When on everything seems to function fine other than battery indicator and rebooting.

Kid went swimming with it. It no longer holds a charge, but hooked up to a power source has full funtionality. Wife washed ipod in washing machine. Screen turns on and device plays. Battery does not stay charged if unplugged and you can see on screen moisture in device window. Water spilled on device. Device will not turn on. iPod touch can play music just fine , its just that the image on the screen goes away until its either black or it goes white. This iPod touch was dropped in the water paddle but it was taken out immediately and then put to dry on top of the air vent. The Second iPod touch just has a pretty nasty cracked screen is all. The ipod nano was washed with a load of clothes. ipod touch went through washing mashine. Dried with desicant in sealed container for several days. Unit will power up and run on AC power but will shutdown as soon as disconnected. Will not run on battery and will not start or charge on USB. Unit was very briefly dropped in water in tub for about 2-3 seconds. Since then, it was dried in rice and air dried but the touch screen will not respond. It charges fine. I can’t tell how much further it will or won’t work since I can’t get past the initial screen. My 1G Touch was water damaged while I was sailing on a small catamaran. I had it in a plastic bag that had a small hole in it. Some water got in the bag but not much. My Touch was not drowned, just water exposed. Just enough to damage it I guess. The device never worked again. This third generation iPod nano went through the washer more than two years ago. It still works hooked up to the computer but doesn’t turn on when unplugged. My device will not turn on. I bought it in November of 2009 and it was exposed to liquids (pop and alcohol) in May of 2010 and has not worked since. I have just got around to try and fix it so please help!! Worked perfectly fine until then.

Item will not power up, and may require a battery. This item was obtained on eBay and no further details can be provided at this time. I do not believe the device is locked, and I do not care for any material that may be stored on this device. Previous owner indicates it needed a new battery. Battery not taking a charge unkown about pass code belonged to kids who have now grown up and have newer ipods. I was trying to replace the battery and broke the ribbon wire. The battery in the device is the new one. Distorted sound from the headphone jack and dock connector. I dropped the iPod classic on a metal bed frame and then it fell onto a hard concrete floor. I am able to listen to my music (as I memorized the number of clicks) but am only able to see less than half of the entire screen. The only part of the screen I can see is fuzzy (but visible with color) and only on the right side of the screen. Customer needs data backup iTunes says iTunes cannot read contents > prompts user to restore device. Just to clarify there are 2 phones (both 3g) one that needs the LCD replaced and the second that needs to be evaluated (Volume goes up and down by itself turns off/restarts by itself at times. I would like to have the batteries replaced on both. You can add any additional charges onto the credit card. Replace digi/lcd with new red one, replace backplate with new red one, keep home button black. iPad was stolen out of my car and thrown out of window when thief could not unlock it. Was found on a freeway on ramp was probably ran over. volume up button seems to be jammed and screen lights up but only displays black with white lines.

i tried to replace charger port myself and was successful until i replaced the front of the phone. wires got stuck and when i pulled the cover off well you will see that wires were pulled out. The iphone was dropped in a bucket of water while it was on and was pulled out of the water immediately (it had turned off in the water). 24 hours later I turned it on and plugged it into the charger (assuming that it had dried out) and nothing happened except I heard a strange sound so I immediately turned it off. About 3 or 4 days later I noticed it started to turn on by itself so I turned it off immediately and put it in a bowl of rice for 24 hours. After that I turned the iphone on and it now has full functionality (as far as I can tell) except for a few things. Issues: 1: When attempting to charge it the battery level won’t rise over 7%. 2: The iphone still randomly turns on and off by itself even when it is plugged into power. It still has full functionality except that it won’t stay on for more than a few minutes. I was able to make/receive phone calls flawlessly unless it turned off during the call. I believe the problem has something to do with its power. At first I thought I had just ruined the battery but because it still will turn off while it is plugged into a power source I believe the problem is more severe (power-wise). Dropped onto Bathroom floor, Screen has hairline crack but functions ok. Home button stopped working, Lately my phone has been losing battery power and not charging very well. I thought it might be my usb charger or wall connection, but in general the battery has been a bit flaky and not lasting as long as it should.
Also, the home button has been getting less and less responsive, ie I need to push it several times sometimes before it responds. Then suddenly one morning (after being on and charging all night) the phone was dead. Black screen, no response, won’t turn on or reboot or anything. I think it needs a new battery. Please help! p.s. Phone is jailbroken and unlocked and I use it on the T-Mobile network – I would prefer it not be restored to factory settings if possible. Also, I haven’t backed up contacts etc. in a long time…..

This phone belongs to my son it fell and since then it did not work I have taken to different companies in STexas and they say its the battery….then etc …reality they dont know how to fix it….I trust your service you just fixed my iPhone … The device has a cracked glass back but that is not what caused it to stop functioning. It was half submerged (headphone side down) in a small cup of cofee for about 20 minutes. I opened the case and removed the battery to help it dry out the next day. I think I may have broken the battery connection when I did that. The ipod has crashed but so did the laptop that the itunes was on so we have no back up of the music, we’ve lost it all currently, so we really want the music to be recovered if possible please! It does not turn on. Even after a reset. I had sent it to someone else and they replaced the battery. Needless to say it still doesn’t work. For awhile it did turn on but the same song was always displayed on the screen even when it was playing a different song. The contents on the iPod do not need to be saved. The iPod was dropped and the screen was cracked. The only thing that seems to be damaged is the glass. Not the LCD screen itself. My daughter dropped her ipod nano on concrete. the screen is broken and needs to be replaced. My water bottle leaked in my backpack and only a little water got to my ipod. I think the biggest problem was the case that kept water inside the ipod. I thought I had dried it off enough and began to listen to my ipod, when it suddenly jammed and shut off. after a few days of more drying it began to work again, only this time the playback had static and more static the higher I turned the volume. It’s unbearable to listen to even though the ipod seems to work fine. I’m not positive of any other inside damage done to the ipod from the water. Besides the playback the ipod seems fine and it working correctly, up to speed, and my computer still recognizes it.

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