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iPad 2 fell and dented back cover near volume control. Volume control is stuck in down position due to cover dent. Device works properly with 2 exceptions. 1.) Volume control is inop and constantly has volume indicator on screen due to the fact the button is stuck in decrease position. 2.) ipad restarts its self after awaking the unit from auto lock . (maybe because the volume button is constantly being pushed??). Outer glass is also broken in addition to the backplate. The glass is chipped and cracked on the right-hand corner. Also, the case is bent due to the fall. Dropped, looks like it landed on right upper corner. Glass broken. Otherwise works fine. Replace the glass/digitizer. IMPORTANT: Please return the old parts, because they are barely damaged (just enough for me to want them replaced) so I want to keep them as spares. Only the glass cover is cracked. It still responds to touch and the display itself is working well. If possible please repair ding to corner of backplate vs. replacing. On iPad 2 scren replacement… There is a slight dent in the metal back housing on the lower left hand corner. Please let us know if there will be any additional charges or if you are able to repair it without replacing the metal housing. I dropped the iPad2 about one inch onto a granite countertop and it cracked amid one side outside of the LCD. The cracks have started moving outward so I need the glass replaced. I have wiped the data on it and charged it as needed.

iPad 2 glass cracked. Dropped a baseball and scattered screen. Outer screen is cracked no other damage is noticeable and works dine otherwise. Replaced broken digit with new white one… Glass cracked and broke after a fall. A couple of the corners of the backplate are bent. I dropped the device and the glass cracked and the case got dented. Cracked glass. Shattered iPad 2 glass. The glass on my iPad cracked when it fell in a parking lot. It only fell about one foot but it landed on the corner so it did a lot of damage. On the corner that it landed on a small chunk of the backplate broke off/smashed in so that may cause problems with replacing the glass. The touch functionality still works with no problems at all. I did notice that the home button doesn’t always work right away now. I’m hoping it just has something to do with all the glass around it being shattered but if it does need to be replaced then that should be fine. iPad dropped broke screen and lost wireless connectivity.

iPad was dropped and glass broke all features still work all games touch screen. I Pad 2 dropped and screen cracked. Cracked glass as a result of my white ipad 2 falling onto concrete. iPad: dropped from chair height only vertically (not ‘bowled forward’). Hopefully new glass will install without further parts/work required. iPod Touch: left outside overnight exposure to only morning dew/humidity not saturated (rain). Do not want repair cost to exceed resale price. Cracked glass and dented back cover. Sending an iPad 2 with a cracked glass/digitizer screen. There is a small ding on the corner of the iPad where it hit the ground.The iPad functions properly just has a cracked screen. Hasn’t been exposed to moisture. As you will see my Ipad is cracked on the right side and one crack extends across the entire screen. Unfortunately I do not know exactly how the crack happened (which makes it all the more frustrating). It appears that only the top glass is cracked as the picture underneath is still clear and in the proper colors. But if in fact you notice that the LCD is damaged as well please notify me and we can discuss options. Dropped on ground from about 2 feet. seems to work fine, but iPad 2 glass is broken. I dropped it and it landed on the side as you can see. Everything still functions. Please let me know if I need to pay for the back metal piece. The metallic screen cover came off of my brand new IPad somehow and I dropped it on the ground. It has broken the glass in many places.

Stepped on accidentally. Glass is shattered around the bottom middle button and cracked up the screen. Still works just fine. Replace broken black digitizer with new white digitizer. I think it just has a broken screen. I’m sending you my iPad 2 with the broken digitizer. It fell down hitting the floor with its lower left corner. The backplate its a little dented I sent a photo by email and the person who answered me said there is a possibility of bending the edge to its original shape I would greatly appreciate if you do your best to prevent changing the backplate since it has my first daugther birth date engraved on it. May sound a little corny but it means a lot for me. I tested every single function of the iPad and its working perfect the only issue is that the outter glass is broken making it look unpretty and not very safe for children manipulation. iPad 2 metal housing has a small dent in the upper right hand corner. Please resolve this however you need to. In the past the technicians have mentioned they needed to grind the housing down to make the new digitizer fit. Please do what you need to do to fix this issue. I understand it may need to be ground down. My son dropped this ipad 2. You can see how it hit the ground on the top left corner. I am not sure if the backplate needs to be replaced or not. There is no pass code. The device was knocked off of my desk by a student and the charge port and top corner were badly dented. The device can charge but not sync with the computer unless I press hard and hold it. It was working fine prior to being dropped. I think the case has just bent the area so good contact is not being made. This iPad was dropped. I didn’t notice damage right away but the aluminum back case was bent near the power button. The power button stopped working. You can see deformation of the edge of the case and there’s a crease in the aluminum on the back side. Also something new has started since I wiped the iPad in preparation to send it to you: The iPad is repeatedly trying and failing to boot up. At least I keep seeing the small Apple logo appear and disappear in the center of the screen every fifteen seconds or so. Cracked glass and dented back cover on my ipad.

Soda spilled on it. It powers up fine and the center button works but the clicker wheel is almsot completely unresponsive. Also minor damage to audio quality at times but so far seems occasional at best. Screen is cracked. when you turn it on there is a white screen. Possible water damage. Device has been emmersed in water and does not turn on. My 1 year old daughter slobbered excessively on the device. Screen only appears to be working in the middle. Left and right 25% do not respond to touch. Wifi is grayed out in settings as if it doesn’t exist at all. For a while (post-slobber) volume was continually going up to maximum by itself. I could see the volume gauge on the screen and reduce the volume but then it would increase again when I let go of the reduce button. I performed a restore to the device and that worked fine as did a sync of all the old material. (I then wiped all data again before sending it to you). This unit got wet and my son try to air it out. He also try to open it but crack the screen. Oil was spilled on device everything seems to be working fine.

Water damaged. Placed in rice for a few days. Device does not turn on. Both units were dropped in a hot tub. 1st generation unit functions but there is not control from the dial. Second generation uniit does not function. When plugged into a laptop the screen flashes but it is not recognized by itunes. dropped in water will not turn on. already in decacent for a few days (to dehydrate device)… Dropped in pool. Dried it out with hand dryer and allowed to air dry for about 1 week. Device would not turn on when when power button was pressed so I plugged it in. the phone would show the apple logo but didn’t start up. then it would turn off again. does this continually but only when plugged into a power source. There might be a passcode on this device, if there is, we have permission to restore this device… Dropped in water left in rice seems to boot when connected to power only… 1st device (marked on screen as 1) Battery is dead. 2nd device (marked on screen as 2) was exposed to freezing outside temperatures but was left under a covered porch on a table. It has been in a bag of rice overnight and is still inoperative. Give accessory not supported error box, no EP volume, and shuts itself off. I dropped it in the sink for about 3 seconds completely submerged. I then tried to turn it off but it kept coming back on. I then used the hair dryer for about 10 minutes. The screen then started to go very dim and I could barley make out the icons. I stuck it in some rice overnight. I then tried to charge it the next day because the battery was dead. The phone now only has a dim light and will not turn on. I then stuck it in some rice again and now I’m shipping it to you.

Device got possibly juiced from three-year old owner… Device dead after getting wet. Occurred 1 week ago and was placed in a bag of rice for 2 days. Showed apple logo briefly, so attempted to charge it. Came on briefly after 12 hr charge, but no reaction on the touch screen. Back in the rice for 3 more days. Now dead. A bottle of water was poured over it. We put it in rice for serveral days, but it won’t turn on. The device sat in a snowbank for a while. It’s been dried out for a year and functions fine when powered by a cable but will not charge at all. It turns off immediately when power is removed. Also, the dock connector/power plug appears to be a bit corroded.I dropped into a glass of orange juice and half of it went in. I took it out within seconds. Later that day after letting it dry out, I found that the backlight for sure does not work but is still able to power on and off after a few tries. It freezes as well. Device was on bathroom sink during shower with heavy steam in the room. After that it appeared that moisture was under the screen and no applications would work. Battery has progressively lost ability to hold charge over two years of usage. Battery loses charge after ~1 hour of playing music, without viewing videos or photos.

Outer Glass Digitizer Screen for Apple iPad 2
Order this if the glass is broken or if the touch function doesn't work.
Underlying LCD for Apple iPad 2
Order this if the display screen is white, cracked, distorted, or dim.
Battery for Apple iPad 2
Order this if the iPad doesn't hold a charge as well as it used to.
Repair Evaluation for Apple iPad 2
Order this if you don't know what's wrong with your iPad.
Repair Evaluation for Liquid-Exposed Apple iPad 2
Order this if your iPad 2 was exposed to any liquid.
Headphone Jack for Apple iPad 2
Order this if audio doesn't play out of both headphones and/or the microphone doesn't work.
Charging Port for Apple iPad 2
Order this if the iPad has trouble with the charging dock and/or WIFI signal.
Backplate for Apple iPad 2
Order this if the silver iPad backing is bent, scratched, and/or damaged.
On / Off Switch for Apple iPad 2
Order this when your on / off switch (power button) is not working.
Passcode Reset Service
Order this if you forgot your passcode or if your device is locked.
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